NordVPN Review 2017:

The NordVPN is among the top virtual private network providers. It has been studied that most of the virtual private network services are providing similar facilities but it is not necessary in all the cases. To check the latest features and facilities it has become very important to have access to the famous VPN sites. There is no need to be worried about the famous sites and sources because you have the name of the best one. It is recommended to visit the website of this service in order to find the excellent claims. All the claims made by this service have been rated positively by the clients and users. The service prices are really high but it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy the service. Actually, there are discounts and bonuses available for the clients so they can easily enjoy the financial benefits while looking for the modern virtual private network providers.

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nordvpn prices 2017

As compare to rivals, the NordVPN may looks bit expensive but it does not because you have been given huge discount if you choose to purchase their yearly package. The monthly subscription cost $11.95 per month but if you purchase their yearly package then it will cost only $5.75 per month which means that you will save 52%. You can also save 41% by purchasing their 6 month plan which will cost only $7 per month.

Payment options:

The company allow you to purchase their monthly or yearly subscription with so many options. You can use your credit card, debit card, PayPal and even Bitcoin to pay your monthly NordVPN bills. Also the list of other electronic payment solution is available. so do not worry about when you are making payments because so many options are available.

Money back guarantee:

NordVPN is offering 30 days money back guarantee. So, if you want to try their services before you actually get involved, then use this option. Surly, there are some restriction to avail this option but still you will get few GBs free to test their services and get your money back in case if you are not happy with their services.

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  • Double data encryption: To provide extra layer of security to their customers, the NordVPN is offering features like double data encryption. Through this feature, the data will be encrypts twice.
  • TOR over VPN: Although, if you are still looking for more security and layers to add to protect your online activates then use the TOR feature of NordVPN and completely become anonymous.
  • Kill switch: This feature will notify you instantly and disconnect your internet in case if the server you are connected with goes disconnected. This is a great feature to keep your online activities hidden from your network provider.
  • No logs policy: The company has very clear policy about logs. They do not store any information about their users including their web history, P2P related history and do not share personal information about their users.
  • P2P allowed: Finding a VPN which allow P2P file sharing networks could be difficult but with NordVPN, you can download and share unlimited files through P2P file sharing networks without any restriction.
  • Global network: NordVPN has more than 760 servers which are located in 57 countries. As the country wise, this is a huge network to turn your online identity to any country with few clicks.
  • Easy to use: The NordVPN software for PC and mobile applications are very easy to use. To make them user friendly, the company has removed all the extra options to choose from. Simply click to get connected.
  • Unlimited is unlimited: There is no restriction on data usage or monthly bandwidth. Internet speed is also unlimited. You will not face any low downloading speed on any point of the month.
  • Multiple device support: Most of VPN allow you to use single VPN account on 5 devices but NordVPN allow you to use your VPN account on 6 different devices at a time. This will not affect or share your internet downloading speed.
  • Free proxy list: Although, the free list of more than 3000 proxy is also included and given to all of their users to use them externally to add extra layer of security if they wants to.


We have mix views about their internet speed test. Some of their servers performed very well while some of them has issue because of no stable downloading speed. This could be due to P2P file sharing but if you are looking for a reliable VPN with good internet speed, then consider NordVPN. We have received very good downloading speed on their USA, UK, Canada and Australian VPN servers without facing any glitch but servers located in Asian countries has some issues.

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Customer Support:

There are total 5 ways to get connected with their customer support team which includes live chat, send them email, contact them with online form, help desk and FAQ section. We have not test their email services to get help but their live chat response rate is good. Although, their help desk section already has the answers of all the basic and advance problems you may face while using their services.


  • Multiple options available to increase your online security
  • Use single account on 6 devices
  • Excellent customer support team
  • P2P is allowed with no restriction
  • Wide variety of servers available
  • Free proxy list included
  • Customized and easy to use application and software
  • 30 days money back guarantee.


  • Expensive as compare to rival companies
  • We are not happy with internet speed test.


We have rated NordVPN is 4.1 out of 5. The major issue which causes the rating is only internet speed which is not stable on all of their servers but this does not mean that you will face downloading problem all the time on all of their VPN servers. The problem is only with few of their servers only which are located in specific countries.

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