ExpressVPN Review 2017

ExpressVPN is known as the fastest VPN provider. It does not outsource any aspect of VPN services. All the networks and servers it owns are managed by it. They own hardware to ensure that customers are provided with fastest and most reliable services. Users get unlimited access to global networks without facing any limit for downloads size over VPN. As per ExpressVPN review it uses custom developed software. It then runs it on dedicated servers owned by it in strategic global locations including Canada, Asia, USA, Europe, in order to maximize VPN speed. It has its own servers, which ensures restriction to access by unauthorized personnel to users` data. Users enjoy unlimited bandwidth usage and fastest speed without any restrictions. It allows it users to access its servers globally without paying any extra cost.

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Price and Plans:

expressvpn prices

Number of price plans offered by ExpressVPN is three. They are differ from each other only on the basis of the price. The features you will get in each of them are same and unlimited. The basic 1 month package priced $12.95 where if you purchase their 12 months plan then it will cost you only $8.32 per month which means that you will save 35%. They also offer 6 month plan in $9.99 per month which means that you are still saving some money by purchasing their 6 months subscription.

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Payment Methods:

Expressvpn Payment method

ExpressVPN accept all types of credit card when you are making payment to them. They also accept all the popular ways of payments which includes PayPal, BitCoin, and other online ways including WebMoney and AliPay etc. So, do not worry if you do not have Credit card to pay because the other options will surly help you to purchase VPN services from them.

Money-Back Guarantee:

ExpressVPN is still one of those companies who offers you 30 days money back guarantee. Yes, this guarantee comes with some restriction and you have to follow their policy to enjoy this but still it is a great option for new buyers to check the quality of their services before they actually decided to purchase.

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  • Unlimited Bandwidth: ExpressVPN does not have restriction on monthly or daily bandwidth usage. You can use as much as you want without worrying about shortage of data usage
  • Unlimited Speed: This term means that your internet speed will not be affected by your bandwidth usage. It will remain ultra fast and constant all the time throughout the day, month and year.
  • Unlimited Server Switches: The company does not have any policy regarding to switch to multiple servers in a day or month. You can switch as many as time you want. You will not see any warning or restriction massage on this feature.
  • 9% Uptime: The servers of ExpressVPN are located all around the world but the quality is same and excellent. Their VPN server uptime in 99.9%. So, use it without worrying about any down time.
  • OpenVPN Protocols: For your online security and privacy, the company is offering OpenVPN solution with multiple other protocols including PPTP, L2TP and SSTP etc. So, use ExpressVPN on public Wi-Fi connections too without worrying about your security.
  • Zero Logging: The company promised that they do not keep any record for your network traffic. This also include sharing your personal and account information with any third party. This means that your online activities are completely anonymous.
  • 136+ Locations: The servers of ExpressVPN are located in more than 136 locations in 87 countries. This is indeed a big number of servers as compare to their rivals. The servers located in America, Asia Pacific countries, Europe, Africa and Middle East etc.
  • Simultaneous Connections: While similar companies are allow you to use single VPN account on 5 devices, ExpressVPN allow you 3 devices only. But you have no need to be worried about internet speed because it won’t be affected by using single account on multiple devices at a time.

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Speed Test:

expressvpn speed test

Frankly speaking, we have tested many VPN company’s downloading speed but found ExpressVPN ultra fast. This is may be because they did not outsource their VPN servers and that’s why they are charging high prices for this from their customers. We have tested their number of different VPN servers from different countries. The internet speed was really stable. We did face a bit slow speed on some of their servers too but it was so for seconds. Although, if you do not like a server due to low downloading speed then always consider to switch to other server to get better internet speed.

Customer Support:

ExpressVPN is very easy to use. You do not really required to get connected with their support team but still if you consider then do not worry about this because there are multiple options available. You can chat with their agent through live chat option or you can simply send them email to get help. The reply time of customer’s email is really fast. Although to help their customers, they have already separate section for tutorial to learn things where through their troubleshooting section you could easily found the solution of your problems.

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  • Bandwidth, speed and server switch are unlimited
  • 30 days risk free money back guarantee offered
  • Ultra fast downloading speed and stable connection
  • Excellent VPN server uptime without any glitch
  • Servers are located in more than 87 countries
  • Extra protocols including OpenVPN and 256 bit encryption
  • Customized, easy to use software and mobile application
  • No logging policy related to browsing activity and network traffic
  • Excellent customer support solution and response time.


  • Expensive as compare to their rivals
  • Separate login codes required to login on multiple devices
  • Only 3 simultaneous connection are allowed.


We rate ExpressVPN 4.8 out of 5. We only concern about its price but if you compare them with their excellent services and unique features then this is not really something you probably need to care about.

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